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Press Articles & Publications

Press releases republished verbatim & solely self-published articles do not count as press coverage of you or your work, nor as scholarly publications authored by you. Undated copies of articles, or copies that do not show the printed name of the periodical, do not prove the article was published.

Primary evidence = original or legible photocopy showing:

  • Name of the periodical (should indicate whether online or print)
  • Date of publication & issue or edition number
  • Headline or title of the article
  • Author’s by-line
  • Complete contents of the article, not just excerpts or highlights
  • Notarized English translation with translator’s signed oath of accuracy, if original article is in another language
  • If item is only a photo, include A, B, photo caption, & F if applicable
  • Scholarly or scientific journal articles should be authorized reprints/preprints
  • Articles that do not mention you by name will be given far less weight than those that do.

Secondary evidence of press or publications = circulation/readership figures, or unique monthly visitors for online publications (publisher’s media kit or independent published source), plus readership demographics, impact factor & publication standards for scholarly journals.

Awards ​For ​Extraordinary ​Ability

Awards should be granted by name to an individual, not to a company, group or team. Only professional awards count. Do not include evidence of awards limited by their own terms to students, or to internal candidates at one institution or company. Local or regional awards will be given little weight in the O-1 context & none in the EB-1 context. Qualifying awards are those open to candidates at the national or international level.

Awards to a team, group or company are given significantly less weight, even when accompanied by proof of your role in that team/group/company. Group awards may not be counted except under a separate criterion, as proof of your leading/key role for a distinguished event, production or institution.

Secondary evidence = Award eligibility/submission requirements, judges & award criteria, past winners, rarity of the award, number & renown of past winners, press coverage of the award, prize money attached, reputation of the awarding body.

Memberships ​For ​Extraordinary ​Ability

Membership in associations that require achievement of members does not cover pay-to-join professional societies. Along with proof of individual membership, include evidence of the organization’s membership criteria, and the screening, application, nomination, and/or juried peer review process for selection and admission of members.

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