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With over 20 years of experience dealing with work visas and green cards, New York immigration lawyer Karin Wolman can help you obtain legal work-authorized status in America, lawful permanent residence, and U.S. citizenship.

Karin has worked with clients from many different walks of life, from the arts, design and entertainment world to finance, technology, academia, and the medical and scientific community. If you have questions about a work visa, it is highly likely that Ms. Wolman has already worked with people facing similar circumstances. She understands that grasping and meeting the challenges of the immigration process can be confusing and burdensome, and that is why she is here to assist you. Whether you seek an O-1 Visa, H-1B portability a Green Card or Citizenship, Karin Wolman has your best interests at heart, and wants to provide you with clarity and a plan of action.

In order to determine the most appropriate visa type for your current situation, your prospective needs and goals, please contact us to discuss the specific facts of your case and find a solution that fits, as each visa type has different requirements, limitations and restrictions. These pages are provided to inform, educate and set you at ease: we want to help you ask the right questions, and to help you anticipate some questions the attorney may ask you, not to make you an expert.

There are no stupid questions: immigration law is vast, complex, and constantly changing. We hope the information on this site will make you more comfortable seeking help when facing the complexities of U.S. immigration law.

Conveniently located in New York City, Karin has immediate access to all the immigration resources necessary to readily address your specific questions and needs. Do yourself a favor and contact the law offices of Karin Wolman to get the help you need! Telephone or videoconference consultations are available for those unable to meet in New York.

The purpose of the overviews provided on this site is to acquaint you with the range of visas to the United States and some of their general requirements, not to provide legal advice specific to your situation: please contact us to make an appointment when seeking individual legal advice. This general information is intended to acquaint you with some of the basic features, eligibility requirements and procedures for each visa, to highlight the distinctions among them, and to illustrate that there are a wide variety of visas suited to different situations.

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