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G Visas

Employees of international organizations, such as the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the World Bank, the Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development, etc. may be accorded G visas. G is a quasi-diplomatic visa, for individuals coming to the United States in an official capacity to work for an international organization, under official commission as a representative of a foreign government, or under a contract of employment with the international organization. No petition to USCIS is required because G visa status does not involve a U.S. employer.

G-1 visas are available for the principal representatives of the government of a member state belonging to the international organization.

G-2 visas are for other representatives of the government of a member state.

G-3 visas are for representatives of non-member states or unrecognized governments to the international organization.

G-4 visas are for officers and employees of the international organization.

G-5 visas are for attendants, personal employees and domestic servants of principal travelers in G-1 to G-4 status.

Like diplomats in A visa status, G visa holders representing the government of their home country on official business with an international organization in G-1 to G-3 status must be issued a “diplomatic note” by the sending country, and family dependents of G visa holders are accorded the same G visa status as the principal. All G visa holders including dependent family members and personal employees must be registered with the State Department through the employing international organization once they enter the United States, and are given a “personal identification number”, which may be needed for any future change to another visa status or to permanent residence.  Some G dependents are eligible for employment authorization, depending on the existence of a formal bilateral agreement or informal de facto arrangement between the United States and the home country.

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