Temporary Visas

C Transit Visas

C visas are for transit through the U.S. for people who are not citizens of countries exempt from certain visa requirements by the Visa Waiver Program. This includes layovers for ticketed passengers with a connecting flight to another destination country, as well as people traveling for business or pleasure by air, sea or other conveyance, on any carrier where the individual’s continued passage is guaranteed.

In order to apply for a C visa, the principal traveler and accompanying family members must have valid passports, evidence of tickets or confirmed reservations for travel from the home contry to the United States, and also tickets or confirmed reservations for travel onward from the United States to the destination country, plus any required visas needed to enter the destination country, and proof of sufficient funds for travel.

The period of admission allowed on C transit visas is a maximum stay of 29 days, which may not be extended. Travelers in transit through the United States are prohibited from changing to any other temporary visa status.

Travelers in transit who last entered on a C visa are also prohibited by law from adjusting status to permanent residence in the United States.

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