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The Law Office of Karin Wolman provides comprehensive legal advice and assistance for H1B visa petitions and applications. We understand the complexities of immigration law and are dedicated to helping clients navigate the process with confidence and clarity.

We offer personalized guidance to ensure that your visa petition is handled professionally and with the attention to detail it requires. Trust us to be your partner in securing your H1B visa, leveraging our expertise to enhance your chances of success. Explore our services to see how we can assist you in achieving your immigration goals.

Timely Filing Provided by an H-1B Visa Attorney

If the foreign professional holds the required degree for the position and the employer’s cap lottery registration for that worker is selected, the next step is to find an immigration lawyer experienced with H-1B visas to assist in your filing. Look for an H-1B Visa Attorney with a track record of success in handling H-1B visa cases to ensure a smooth and efficient process.

Karin Wolman has over 27 years of experience helping qualified foreign employees and their U.S. employers obtain temporary work visa status in a timely and effective manner. 

Ms. Wolman’s law practice is devoted exclusively to U.S. immigration and nationality law, and she has helped hundreds of clients acquire the right work visas for a variety of situations.

Schedule a Consultation with an H-1B Visa Lawyer

Karin Wolman can offer a free 5-minute “basic H-1B eligibility screen” by email, for either the employer or the worker, with these facts:
•  What is the job title? (with a brief 1 or 2 sentence description of the job duties)
•  What is the offered salary?
•  What degree does the employer require, in what academic field(s), for this job?
•  What type of degree does the worker have (e.g. Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD), in what academic field?

However, in many cases, an in-depth consultation will still be needed.

Do I need an H-1B Immigration Lawyer?

Understanding the H1B visa process is essential for applicants and employers alike, especially when seeking the guidance of an experienced H-1B visa lawyer

Suppose you already have a job offer or a promising candidate and understand the need for legal support in preparing and filing an H-1B petition. In that case, you may wonder why scheduling a paid consultation is necessary.

A.  Do you understand how the H-1B random selection lottery process works, and when the deadlines are?
B. Have you assessed whether there are any other visa options available if that H-1B registration is not selected for processing in this year’s lottery? (in FY2025 chances were around 25%). Discussing this with an H-1B lawyer can provide insights and explore alternative pathways.
C.  Do you know what issues relevant to this job opportunity might trigger a Request For Evidence?
D. Do you know which occupations meet the definition of a professional specialty occupation, which ones are commonly challenged, & which ones require a lot more detail and documentation? An experienced H-1B lawyer can provide clarity on these matters to ensure a strong petition submission to USCIS.
E.  Can the employer document a clear nexus between the specific field in which a degree is required and the job duties of the offered position? Has this employer required a degree in that same field for previous employees who held this job? Do other employers normally require the same degree for this type of job?
F. Which Standard Occupational Classification applies to this job, and which prevailing wage level matches the offered salary the employer has offered? Salary offer may affect whether the job is deemed a professional one. Consulting an H-1B Visa lawyer can help determine the appropriate SOC code and prevailing wage level for an accurate and compliant filing.
G.  Where is the work location where the job duties will be performed? Does the job offer involve any travel, any remote work, or providing any services at third-party worksites?
H.  Does the employer have a current profile in the Dun & Bradstreet VIBE database?
I. Do you understand the difference between a change of status and a “straight petition” that requests consular processing? Seeking counsel from an H-1B Immigration lawyer clarifies the nuances and implications of these options.
J.  Are there any gaps in maintenance of valid visa status or passport?
K.  Applicable USCIS filing fees are affected by employer size and staffing structure, and by the proportion of US staff who already hold H-1B status.
L.  Do you understand the rules for F-1 cap-gap work authorization, what starts and terminates it, and whether you may be eligible for STEM OPT extension?
M. Do you know the rules on travel abroad on an F-1 visa after H-1B petition filing and before H-1B visa issuance, and the impact this could have on cap-gap work authorization? An H-1B Visa attorney can help navigate the complexities of international travel during the H-1B process and its implications on work authorization.

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Not sure about these questions or what the next steps are to obtaining an H-1B visa? Contact the Law Office of Karin Wolman, your dedicated H-1B Visa lawyer, today for an eligibility screening, and a consultation to learn about the next steps toward filing your H-1B petition. For more information regarding H-1B visas, including H-1B cap issues, cap exemptions, and other information, please refer to our blog.

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