​Filing ​For ​United ​States ​Citizenship with a Citizenship Attorney in NYC

Under the laws of the United States, which have changed considerably over time, there are three pathways to U.S. citizenship, namely:

1. By application for naturalization. You must be 18 or older, must have been a Lawful Permanent Resident for five years, and must have maintained good moral character.
2. By acquisition at the time of birth — either through birth in the territorial United States, or by birth abroad to U.S. citizen parents.
3. By derivation, through the naturalization of parent(s) with whom you lived as a minor in the United States.

US ​Citizenship ​And ​Immigration

While every permanent resident who seeks to become a naturalized citizen must be questioned carefully to determine whether he or she may be a U.S. citizen already, most potential N-400 applicants know if there is some possibility that they are citizens already.

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